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About Sigrid EA

Sigrid is a romantic at heart , a visionary idealist with plenty of imagination.  As a child she would spend hours drawing and dreaming, creating images and stories  of feminine sheroines.  Even then special attention was given to the contours and shapes of faces especially the eyes… the windows to the soul.

Sigrid lives in rural Victoria in Australia on a small Perma-culture farm.  She has intentions to turn this peaceful place into an Artist Retreat.  Originally born in The Netherlands, Sigrid’s parents made the decision to emigrate when Sigrid was 10 years old so with their 3 young daughters they travelled to the other side of the world to New Zealand – where Sigrid attended school making sure she always maintainer her interest in creative Arts.  In her twenties Sigrid travelled to Australia with the idea of it being a stepping stone to begin to explore the world.

However as happens in life – plans change to what we first imagine … Sigrid became a mother of four children!  She loved creating a home, with world comfort food, a garden, some chickens, a peacock and peahen, cats, and Snowy the Wonder dog. Whenever there was time, Sigrid continued to draw, to doodle – leading to discovering  the intense colour of sticks of pastels which threw life onto a white page, soon there were watercolours to discover, and then oils and oh the possibilities!

Sometimes holidays were the only time to keep in touch with her artists yearnings and after packing the camping gear at the last moment art supplies  would hastily be thrown in and once the camp was settled, Sigrid  would sit for hours on the beach, or at the river trying to capture the moments of light and detail of the beauty that nature offered up to me…

She tried landscapes, and still life ‘of the onions in a paper bag’, the seasonal fruit in a favourite bowl, the orange vase with yellow flowers, the red and dark green shiny capsicums and a few cats… and somehow, still, a piece was missing… Sigrid wanted to get back to her early  inspiration – that of the feminine, the divine in the feminine, to show somehow through art and illustration the grace and beauty of women’s vision.

Sigrid recalls  “With this in mind, I started to research Goddesses, the archetypes and the stories that have run through many of the world’s cultures and?  The research was going to be huge… the big canvasses, the glorious tubes of colour I had bought remained in the corner of my studio and also remained in the back of my mind.

Until the day I came across an image, of a wonderful visionary face, one that captured my imagination, one that spoke to me, that really said ‘here I am! I am You!’ This painting called to me!   I searched for the creator  –  the artist of this painting and this contact was the beginning of my journey that came to change my life, that  brought me to lift the many veils from my eyes, to expose the vulnerable, the hidden and to reveal my heart’s song.

The art that called me so loudly was by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, the founder of Cosmic Cowgirl University, Color of Woman, Intentional Creativity and  The Red Thread Circles.  I began to paint and learn and enquire.  My Creativity and imagination, and intuitive knowledge came into its own.   The next stage of my life’s calling and vision was finally being expressed.  Through this exploration of the Divine Feminine, finding the  inner goddess in me, my intuitive muse was guiding my creativity and also a deeper knowledge and exploration of self.  Each painting became a guide, in my process, on my personal journey,  offering the symbols and message that I needed to know, to reflect on – one step at a time.

It is with much heart felt gratitude that I share with you the result of my creative endeavours so far.  I am like everyone, evolving.  Creating space in my life to give voice and expression to that yearning for creative expression.  My life has become richer, my step is lighter and I venture into previously unexplored territory with surer footsteps and trust.

My offering to you is that you too can give voice and expression to the creativity that resides within you.  As one of the the Intentional Creativity Teachers, it is a joy to hold workshops using the Intentional Creativity Method.  It is more than painting a pretty picture,  or striving for perfection, the noisy noise of our inner critic is silenced and as we become more aware of our intuition,  you begin by giving substance to your own vision, that which you, perhaps for a time have put aside,  but were born to do, before someone told you that you could not, that you must be serious, that art does not – a living make, that this is not real work, that you have no artistic bones and what practical use is it? on and on these voices go.

To put aside the cares of the world, the must do and do not’s –  is liberating.  It just takes some paints, some canvas or paper and a small space in time and in the house! This is an  invitation, for you, to explore, to enjoy playing with colour, to find out more about what makes you you and to shine!

Please enjoy exploring my stories, my art, and videos.   There is a contact page if this calls to you!  I guide groups as well as individuals,  I love travel to far flung places to help groups of women create their own visionary art. I am in the process of creating some online workshops as well.

Details of this and up-coming events will be posted on my workshop page.

Thank You

Sigrid Eleonora Ariana



IMAG0003_2All the way through school,   art was my favourite subject. I even won a few prizes for local competitions;   a Poster  for the Year of the Child, a painting for father’s day.  I went to art classes after school, wrote stories, and loved being inspired by famous.  My parents also drew and painted from time to time and encouraged  the creativity of myself and my sisters.

I first tarted working in Hospitality, a strong influence in my love of food was my Oma Noor, my grandma, an inspired and great cook!  It was she that gave me  my love of flavour, feeding me titbits of whatever dish she was preparing and taking me shopping for ingredients. My parents often cooked together, creating fantastic, with dutch and indonesian influences.  They provided lots of opportunities for me to practise my own talents.
In my twenties I travelled to Australia, once again working in hospitality, in tourist resorts, hotels and restaurants. My love for the outdoors was expressed by many camping holidays and I became a keen skier and during winter seasons I worked in Australia’s snow fields teaching both children and adults.

Children are so spontaneous and imaginative and through my love of stories I created a colouring -in competition for A Christmas in the Park for children, where I also read children stories and used puppets to act out the stories.  Other outlets for my creativity was Totally Amazing Sparkly Face-painting for school fund-raisers attended.  This led to creating a collaborative Protective Dragon Mural at my children’s primary school, where no matter what age or skill level, all the kids in the school were involved, it was amazing to see their creativity!

I am proud to have raised four children who have all started on their own journeys and are each creative in their own way!   It took a little while to give myself permission to pursue what I truly love, and to stop worrying so much in the way that mother’s do!

Choosing to be an at home mum, it was now hard to think of a career… so I thought since I have always cooked with a passion, love world food and while cooking for my family I would  imagine that my cosy kitchen was my restaurant and my hungry family my guests!   I now work part-time as a chef in a beautiful restaurant in the country and my dishes also end up on the menu!  I have run my own cafe – TurnTable Cafe – which I loved and I really enjoyed creating creative dishes using fresh seasonal organic produce and combining flavours to create a feast for the eyes as well as the palate,  I am always on the search for flavour WOW! I have lots of photos on instagram:  The Curious Woman Cafe.  of my art, my adventures and  food!

I am passionate about the status of Women in the world and am studying for a diploma of community service and plan to bring my art and life experience to women who have suffered from trauma and abuse.  I am a survivor of violence in the home and both my meditative practise as well as Shiloh Sophia’s Intentional Creativity method helped me to empower myself and change my circumstances.  I cannot say enough about how this art changed my life and is continuing to aid my healing process.

note:  this video was filmed  at the Cosmic Cowgirl Studios in November 2013.  Sigrid first embarked on the Intentional Creativity Teaching method in 2012.  Shortly after returning from her women’s quest to meet Shiloh Sophia, Sigrid ended the 20 year relationship with her partner.  Without blame or resentment they are now able to pursue their own paths toward peace.  Sigrid’s vision to  facilitate changing the attitude and  dynamic of violence towards women and children by raising awareness has since become an essential part of her work in the world, especially now that her children have grown their own wings!

Since my life took me from one end of the world to the other, I have met people from many cultures and so many wonderful times are spent sharing food and stories.  I  love the thought of combining my passion for food with my passion for art as both nurture… Both bring people together, where a meal is shared and culture is exchanged, there is room to see that we all wish for the same thing – to know peace, to be safe, to have adequate shelter and nourishment, for our children to grow up healthy and free from fear, to know their own potential and to be able to explore it. This is fundamental to me – to help spread a peaceful vision, that is my wish for each individual on the planet, the planet itself and it creatures.  I feel that we can all be the change we want to see in the world for the greater good of all,  it starts within, the practising of peace, a lamp is lit, and where this light shines, darkness disappears.  It really is simple, it takes just one step…

Thank You

Sigrid Eleonora Ariana

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