Ok.  So to recap  we explored in week 1 – tendrils; the delicate tendrils of the heart reaching out towards the light – that nourishment that will help our tendrils grow.  In week 2 – The exploration was about you, your dance, your occasional stumble and how to get up again, In week 3 – I was moved to realise that in all I pursue – the heart is fundamental to me – Heart Intelligence.

Which now leads to week 4 – I have thought about this and tried to reach deep down into what I feel and really it has to be about making it real.  Everyday when we wake up, we have the opportunity, as we go about our daily pursuits, tasks, being, to renew the promise we made to ourselves… what is this promise?  when was it made?  Does it go as far back as to when you first formed independent thought maybe to when you were eight years old or younger?

I was eight when I first realised and became absolute in my conviction that Peace was the most important thing to me.  This has not always been easy to hold on to, all sort of events, teaching, conditioning, circumstances you name it have tried to get in the way. Disturbing peace seems to be a common human trait, in my experience though most people prefer to be feeling good and to be in peace!


Peace is part of  Heart Intelligence as Love is.  Heart Intelligence asks you to remember all the good that is in you.  If you listen to this it becomes easy to make a decision about which course you are going to follow – in the moment – in the many moments – in your life.   So ask yourself what is really your priority?


Write down some priorities and pick which really is the most important one.  If you don’t mind being messy…. paint the palm of your hand with some gold acrylic – that is easy to wash off – and put your hand print on your page, all around and on your finger prints place those words that are important to you and for the most important one place it on the palm!  So all the finger intentions lead to your priority!  Your golden hand print is leading you in your choice!  So if it is love or joy or peace, it makes your choices simple –  to do,  everyday in your actions, in every thing that you touch, in your thoughts, your intentions, your work,  everything that supports that.    This does not mean turning your life upside down – it is just to be aware, be conscious that whatever you do has meaning, a purposeful intent, that is real,  that is actively supporting that which is most important to you.

Of course we have concerns and worries and in the world as you know, there is plenty to worry about – but this worry serves little purpose other than to make us aware that something is not right – to continue to worry without taking care of the concern  does nothing but give it fuel.  This is why it is important to remember the good, your focus, your priority – that which is most important to you because as you feed the good, the bad is diminished.  Your energy is lifted, you are lighter and more clear to be able to affect good intentions.

We need to nurture and nourish our inner garden as well as this most beautiful garden we have the grace to be supported by – our planet earth.  There are many who exploit its riches for greed without awareness of heart.  Life really gives us gift after gift after gift – from our well designed bodies to our mind and heart intelligence and the earth we walk upon, its fruits and the air that we breathe. Earth provides nourishment without condition.


When we give a peaceful loving intention to everything that we touch you will see that  Love, joy, good intentions attract – really,  it is what most people want and need and in this we can resonate together like beautiful crystal clear bells  and make the most beautiful music to create a harmony of love,  that supports all life, does not fight against it and supports love for everyone and every living being.

This is what I think the Golden Touch really is.  To turn everything to gold – meaning shining with life and light clear resonance.  Blessed Be.


Love to hear from you!

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