My heart beats for me
it pumps my life blood around my body 
it is a vital organ
without its beat
i would die
yet it is more to me
than the important engine 
that drives my body
hearts connect
When I am very quiet and turn my focus inside, on a rare occasion I can hear its beat, its strong rhythm, but this still does not describe how I feel about my heart – that I feel with my heart.  
My heart is my guide, my pilot whose only interest is love
paint your heart

A Heart Intelligence Meditation for you;

A heart song to listen and explore your heart by;

If I make my heart love the centre of all choices

it means that I am more aware, conscious, in tune with my heart intelligence

I can feel my mind also, it chatters to me all the time, it interprets what I see and experience, stores it, analyses it, has much to say about it, tries to take over if I let it, can even cause reactions and emotions both good and not so good but my heart is steady, to listen to it, I have to pause, to be quiet, to still my mind and feel.

heart has no limits

 my mind is like a box where I store everything that I have found, come across and it stores it all like a big library, with books and stories with lots of pages, lots of explanations, lots of information, lots of noise!  This box can limit me but if am clever I can tell it to be quiet!  To be still – I do not want to just live in this box – there is more to me than what is in this box.   So I say “mind be quiet, I want to listen to my heart”.  My mind does not like it so I reassure it that I will be back but for now I am wanting the steady quiet peaceful rhythm of my heart, in a very quiet voice it tells me what I need to feel content, this is not much, just peace! and Love… This is what I love!  To feel peace

simple really

but I am not always good at this

so I have to practise and practise some more

until I get it and become good at listening

to this very quiet voice

that speaks only the language of love.


colour with heart

My heart brings colour to my cheeks and a sparkle to my eye, my mind also brings a sparkle to my eye, when both are in harmony my whole being shines and my world becomes larger, more shiny with possibility, i am more here and not somewhere else…

One tool I use is to get creative – with paper, pens, doodling, with canvas, paints and a vision… I listen to my heart and close my eyes and dream and ask what it is that I need to know right now and usually I find inspiration, in an image, a symbol, some words, some heart-felt meaning … and it begins… my intention is clear…. my motivation is to know myself and to manifest my heart’s wish…

gentle heart self portrait

You too could start listening and seeing and exploring with pens, brushes, paints, just colour over colour, painting with love.

heart’s vision
Gallery 2013
She is Queen of her Own Heart
heart rebel
my heart beats for me

Love to hear from you!

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