Week 2 OWN YOUR LIFE dance fall get up again

You are here and not somewhere else.  You are a part of life and life is a part of you.

There will never be another you, we are meant to be here, a part of nature, we are held up and supported on this earth by life.  When you walk in the forest you cannot help but feel complete, the smell of the forest floor, the gentle wind through the trees, the dappled sunlight, the green, the birdcalls, the gentle sounds nurture our soul.

We are held in grace and the earth gives freely, when will we begin the dance, to be brave enough to express what we feel, to respect ourselves and nature, to give back when she gives so generously. To sing a song to the trees and dance with her, even if no-one is watching.

Maybe somewhere on the path, you tripped and fell, but it was just for a moment and you got up and kept walking, the beauty of seeing what is around the corner, made you get up again.  In life sometimes we stumble but this does not mean failure…. take the fail out of failure and what do you get?  U R!!!!

You Are – Own it – be proud of You

Take some time to write what this means for you , have a look around, draw some flowers, blades of grass, some organic shapes, find some lovely colours and swirl some of this around.  Create your own song – fine tune yourself – be the song and the dance and the dancer all in one!!!


Inspired by Words of Peace by Prem Rawat – https://www.wopg.org/


Love to hear from you!

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