Sue Hoya Sellars – opening creative wings so generations of women can fly…

Letter to Sue

Thank you for the wings… Giving them back to us….those who have forgotten we could fly….teaching to live life to our full creative potential….I miss you and will always keep you ahead of my path so I can follow in your liberating footsteps… I miss your sane gutsy caring voice and heart.  That down to earthness,  even though I met you just for a moment, you did transfer to me some of your vision, integrity, strength and practicality, in both art and life.

When I started on the Intentional Creativity path it was love at first sight, I grew to trust my own creative nature.  There were shining orbs of possibility appearing in my paintings and the cosmos, the stars, the ethereal fabric of the universe asking to shine through, I felt as one… which had happened when I began my journey into meditation as well.

Standing outside on a clear crisp night, children safely tucked into their beds I gazed in awe at the night sky, there was a twinkling of bells and an echo, an impression of knowing deeply that I was a part of the stars and the stars were a part of me… it was for me a divine moment of realisation.

…and then I met Sue Hoya Sellars and got it.  Her art, her voice, her life’s work had a lot of this knowledge in it – we are bags of stardust!  Although Shiloh Sophia  talks about the Red Thread Connection that represents those we know and are yet to meet and it is an integral part of our gathering.  Here it was in the very essence of Sue’s legacy and gift…haha! here it was… when the student is ready – the teacher appears, and there I found myself for a moment in her radar.

I know there are earthly angels, in all sorts of guises from all walks of life, they do have wings – although you cannot see them with the naked eye… they are not saintly or flying down from heaven to earth and back again every evening  but still they shine and glow, especially after eating chilli!  they drink beer, they swear or not – whatever, they are irreverent, but also deeply focussed on their individual healing work in the world, they inspire us, the apprentice angels to value life, to stand up, to dare, to be present and do.  To be there when life is tough, to create beauty and protect the vulnerable.  To live authentically with respect.

Sue was Real with a big Heart and showed in her day to day life how to be accountable and enquire into the divinity that is life.  She had grace in spades and the advice and straight talk over a beer and chilli is what set me on the path toward change.  I was so absolutely fortunate to spend the time that I did… her guidance in painting and finer detail… I can’t say enough of how hungry and thirsty I was for any snippet she might cast my way!  To date, I am still on the lookout for a pair of overalls that I can splatter with paint and want to learn to ride a motor-bike, to have a space, a retreat for women that need time to heal, to paint, to trust their own voice.  I still want to paint more and more and more.  This is how she influenced me with no strings attached.

Sue gave birth to a lot of artists, Sue and Shiloh, both,  the co-conspirators… as I laughingly called them when I witnessed them sitting together and planning, I remarked on this to Carron Shiloh’s mum… she said yes… that is what they are and do!

I look for her in every painting that I embark on… I still have a small guiding sketch that she drew in my notebook… I will treasure it always, I must admit that I still have not quite finished the work I started In Healdsberg that Sunday … I keep thinking is this piece good enough? enough of a tribute?  my testament to her life’s work? … but then, when I look at myself and the many women – the angels – who are now part of this visionary path, that are up and flying about all over the place, in the world with their paintbrushes and love.   I think that she would say that We,  will do.

Sue & Shiloh

Thank you always.

Sigrid EA



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