Wings of Angels, doves and Peace

Angels Wings
Angels Wings

Sometimes we are so engrossed into what is ahead of us that we fail to look up or even out, lately I have made a point to look up to the sky and around to the mountains to my left and right and to whatever is around me, I am on a limited budget these days and so I use my car sparingly, eking out my diesel dollars, for trips that are strictly necessary, so a trip on the road spells change and adventure and a feeling of freedom… as if I was on holidays…skies look more intense and vivid and I begin be inspired…again I see a cloud up ahead and wait for a safe stretch to park, almost without power lines to take a few shots, somehow I feel the light airy cloudy and mighty angel wings and I hope that they cover the planet in a protective shield, wondering if they are also present in other continents skies, I wish to send them to where there is war and fighting, to protect those that have nothing to do with the machinations, agendas and power mongering of opposing governments, corporations, weapon dealers, religious righteousness or other excuses for killing and war.

I decide to put up a Poetree – so that visitors to our Gallery can hang their wishes, their poetry, their intentions – I know what my wish is, to hang on this Peace Poetree, since I first was shocked into the knowledge that war exists – at about 5 or 6 years old, stumbling into the lounge to find my parents, as I was unable to sleep, I accidentally saw that footage of a vietcong soldier being shot… this image stayed with me for a long time,  When I was sick I had delirious dreams of underground bunkers that were grey and dismal where bombs were being made….on conveyor belts and it felt dead and gloomy.  An active imagination? yes, empathetic? Yes I think so, a natural adversion to war and horror?  YES!  definetely, I hated fighting of any kind…I was fortunate to come from a peaceful home, I have lots of good memories and my childhood was safe, my sisters and I  were never without, I did not get all I ever wanted and asked for but my parents made sure to take us on camping trips where we got to explore and be with nature.  They even moved to the opposite side of the world so that their children could live in a country with less pollution, less population and more unexplored country… How lucky were we, that we had visionaries as parents, and that they gave me the freedom to explore my own world, guiding but never dictating that I should follow a certain religion or point of view, yes they aired their own views but encouraged open discussion, embraced different cultures and promoted understanding of  all mankind and taught me the fundamental principles of Peace…

This inspires me in my art, in my every day life, and somehow when conflict in my own life upsets me, I end up weeping for the whole world, symbols then creep into my paintings, I am not always aware of what they mean, but some are obvious,  I am working on a painting called the Talisman and for the first time, the energy seems masculine, although feminine is slowly appearing, I am concerned that mens competitiveness, that testosterone and fighting type of mentality will end up destroying so much that is precious on earth,  the need to be seen as alpha, the squashing down of empathy and compassion, the pervasive attitude that men are right just because they are men,  the definition of what strength is, what power is, what a man actually is.  I know not all men need to fight and it is they that understand what real strength is, what compassion really means, how it feel to be empathetic, how much better a person feels when you empower someone else instead of wielding power over.  How much nicer it is to live free from fear, to be free from the boxes that patriarchal attitudes have cast for both men and women.  It is with this in mind and heart that my peace dove appeared in my painting, the wings of angels and a safe house of all, that love be at the centre of all choices for everyone on earth… this is what I was shown and taught as a child, by my parents, my grandparents, my family and in my community when I grew up…. I weep for those  children and families that are suffering and losing their lives and my heart goes out to the people affected by WAR anywhere, the futility, the absolute opposite of creation, the destruction of Love.


I am awake and can see that war is not about freedom or creating peace

that it makes a few elite people a lot of money and so called power

and that everyone else, including other creatures and our planet suffers

I can feel the negative effects, the emotional trauma from where I am

hundreds of miles away

I send a dove of Peace, some angels Wings, My Intention of love and light

where it is needed the most

Dove of Peace





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