Plight of the Honey Bee

I love Honey and I am fortunate that my local General Store stocks the most wonderful Honey…. I can choose from RedGum, Whitebox, Mountain Harvest, Bush Honey,Orange Blossom, Chestnut and creamed and RAW!  The little buckets we went through very quickly, especially since my son adds it to the fresh bread he bakes,  so recently I bought the next step up!  a huge 3kg!  I have bought my honey from the same suppliers for years and am pleased to see that they now have  a lovely website;  

where you can see their product and read their story.

Recently I bought a beehive, complete with bees and since I have chestnut trees, I think the bees will love all the chestnut flowers that come out!  at the moment my beehive is still out in the bush, as it has been too wet to collect it and it is on a slippery slope, so I am keeping a keen eye on the weather for the right time, shifting beehives with bees inside is a tricky business!

I have been concerned over reports that bees are dying and the ensuing debate of why this is the case… to me it makes the most sense that the cause would be  the use of pesticides, chemical poisons and the growing of gmo crops.  I am an advocate of sustainability, and see that growing and eating local, lessening food miles and practising diversity in growing practise, rotating crops and organic methods of composting and soil enrichment would go a long way to feeding our communities and saving bees….

With this in mind I have some photos to share and my latest work in progress… My Honey Queen… like the bee, I would like to pollinate the flowers in my garden, my garden within and my outside garden, I give each some of my attention and exploring Joy!  that is the nectar with which I feed my inner queen, with joy no matter what I do, I will make honey…in my interactions, in the most menial tasks,  in my day to day plans, my more long reaching goals… I wish for my Dreams to bear fruit, to know that things have a natural order and rhythm… I want to get in touch with that! enjoy the nectar and gather the honey! honey



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