A Call for Protection


I am sharing with you the different layers within this Work in Process right now, as it is happening.  I have chosen to delve deep for this one, right at a difficult time, I do not know what the outcome will be for him/her and nor do I know in my life what the future will bring either.  I think it is a period of upheaval for many, where much that was hidden is now exposed.  I feel very awake now and cannot accept much that I have previously accepted.  Trying to keep up with hidden agendas or guessing what they are seem to be mad-making questions.

Somehow I feel that I need to be less naive and trusting and become more streetwise,   I also want to remain peaceful and ethical.  I  feel the need to back my vision with action and question  How is it possible to create a safe haven under siege, to have around me that invisible cloak of protection, to let go of fears that no longer serve me, and to call to action my strong women’s bones and intuition, to ride my vessel safely to the shore.  I no longer want to allow anyone to rock my foundations and it is with this in mind that I make the enquiry.  I keep in mind the divine masculine which I am eager to get to know…. not through the old patriarchal paradigms but  a wiser, less combative masculine, that which also nurtures and protects, one who allows vulnerability and sees this not as a weakness but as strength.

One who knows that to protect the weak or less fortunate, to help empower others is true strength as to exploit those that are weaker, to treat them as less than is really the action of a coward and serves no-one, how to shift the impact of those who take no responsibility for their actions and let it wash over me like a wave, to not give my energy to negative patterns and behaviours and keep my light strong?  This is my Talisman journey and I have rested between each layer to delve deeply to that which I wish to know.  As I gather and weave the threads to my Talisman I will continue to write my story…


Love to hear from you!

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