She IS Every Woman – Magdalene re-visited

This is my exploration of Mary Magdalene, whose spell I first fell under during my teenage years through the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.  I sang the songs about her at the top of my voice and could only imagine her story.  I doubt if we will ever really know her true story.  I work on being spontaneous and accepting others beliefs where these beliefs do not cause harm to others due to differing interpretations of written holy text.  I go with what resonates with me and my peaceful ethics.  I know that we have been given the gift of breath and life and there is much that we do not yet understand both scientifically and spiritually.  What I do recognise that as sentient beings we all share a spark of life, light and divinity in that we are alive, though our personalities are unique, our physical appearance is also unique, I exist and you do and never before or never after will there be another like you or me, yet there is a fundamental one-ness in that when we shed all other thoughts or desires we all have but one and that is to be in peace, to be happy, content, joyful to know love.  In that we are all the same.  This is what came up for me during this painting process of Magdalene, at the last brushstroke the message came through very strongly…. She IS Every Woman.


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