Gratitude Changes All

Trust is Letting Go

This painting about gratitude became a real journey from the image of mother and child that came to me, she started to represent a young indian mother, i had no idea of the significance of the rabbit that wanted to perch on her shoulder until a friend pointed out that the rabbit is a fertility symbol, the keys significance to me is that gratitude is the key to living life as is meant, also on this journey I became informed of the incidents of female infanticide in India and other countries like China, and so this Goddess came to life for me for real, there is a real possibility to change attitudes through education and raising awareness of what a gift any child is… and what potential each one has… no matter what gender and if we could change that attitude to gratitude… we would live in a more harmonious world.

I make fine art limited edition prints of my paintings and they are for sale, part of the proceeds of the prints or greeting cards sold will go towards this cause.


Sigrid Eleonora Ariana
Goddess Art from the Heart


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