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Works of 2012
The Gift is Grace
She wears the crown of Divinity
I dance to my Soul Music
Eyes are the Window to the Soul
If Dreams became Reality

Inside each of us there is an intelligence, we have our thinking intelligence – our mind and our heart intelligence, what I call my inner vision.  Somewhere near my solar plexus I can feel a certainty, a knowing, a trust.  This is what guides me, my mind helps me to explore options, concepts and ways to achieve.  It interprets the information I receive from the world.  My inner knowing is more innate, it is that I was born to know what the essence of life is, without being taught I know that I prefer to be happy, that my body tells me in feelings, emotions and what it needs.  If I stay still enough and listen to my inner voice – my intuition will guide me.  I know that we possess a lot of knowledge to help heal and guide us to live life to our full potential.  Our outside impressions, conditioning, concepts can sometimes override that which we really feel is not quite right for ourselves as individuals.  People like to tell us what we must do, and there are structures created in society that can serve us well and some can be limiting.

My experience has been that we can also connect to the Universal Unconsciousness… that as events happen, or energies shift, awareness shifts, it is like veils are removed that previously blinded.  During sleep, or meditative practise or a creative pursuit we can access more of this inner and outer knowing.  When done with intent, this is very powerful.  To know what your intention is, what is it that you are telling yourself or how are you asking.

Remember what happens if you misplace something and you look and look and even get frustrated and convince yourself that someone has taken it, that you can’t find it, that it is truly lost.  You give up and focus on something else – take your mind of it,  and then when you turn around not even 5 minutes later that there it is right in front of you OhmGoddess!  Remember the saying sleep on it?  It is as if by magic suddenly in the morning the problem is easy to solve or even it is not as big as last night!

As an  intuitive  Visionary Artists I look within for guidance, using intentional creativity,  I  start an enquiry, an exploration of self and my  place in the world, seeking answers to my questions, for inspiration,  for healing, for empowerment . I trust that my enquiry will lead me to more awareness about who I am – self knowledge. My place in the world.  What I wish to see in the world.  It really could be anything – not always pretty but in exploring with paint, the many layers of feelings, emotions and knowledge.

I find that closing my eyes and turning within, letting myself go on an inner journey, that I start with active imagination and usually pictures, colours, shapes or thoughts come.  It is like a form of dreaming while awake!  Just like you did when you were a child so  I trust that my unconscious will assist me in the form of an image – sometimes in the form of archetypes and symbols that are representatives of that which I want to explore.

My first exploration was about Grace.  I did not really understand its significance in my life, plenty of wise people talk about it but I was not sure of what it meant for me.  Now I get that Grace,  is an important part of my life, the Grace that I exist, the grace that i have breath, all the magical divine moments that happen in a day, a week, a lifetime in the moments called now.

So with intent and asking through journeying and meditation my first painting using the Intentional Creativity Method, based on Jungian Philosophy and a blend of Shamanic journeywork and  Practise, I explored Grace…  a divine feminine image appeared, showing me her strength, beauty and with meaningful symbols to assist and heal, to remind me of what it means to be in grace, to acknowledge grace in my life.

This was the beginning and I have not looked back, I continue to paint and explore many things about myself, the world, even world issues that affect peoples lives and the health of the planet.  I had found a never ending  supply of inspiration.  It is a joy, an inspiration.  It sounds serious but it is not… often I dance away while painting, listening to my favourite grooves!  My creativity  has come to play with me in a way not previously realised and moments have become Magic. Magic is happening!  All the time!

When I am spending time with myself like this I feel like I am dancing to the tune of my existence, the rhythm of life, my spirit is happy when I create.  With grace and in gratitude I can explore what my heart holds dear, that which is most important to me.

I am honoured to share my creativity with you and hope that you too can take up the invitation to listens to your own soul’s song…



Love to hear from you!

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