of Dolphins, Heart Stones & Holidays



There you can see a Hear Cloud in the making, I imagine that like a balloon it will detach itself from the ground and rise up ward into the sky…it is a flight of fancy and I form romantic dreams about something almost every day, I am a dreamer and I can indulge in this the most when I am on holidays….a favourite place for my family is Mallacoota in Australia, on the Sapphire Coast. I love being there and this visit I had the urge to paint a sea-nymph like creature and a dolphin, I struggled with this and it was not until I got to swim with them in the ocean while I was there that I felt comfortable painting one, on the beach I ran into another artist and she slowly opened her hand to offer me a heart stone, she had several which she had been collecting, a small white one twinkled at me and reminded me of the one I had already painted into my painting!

It is wonderfully freeing to be near the ocean, ailments of many kinds disappear both mental and physical and I just love cooking in the outdoors!  On holidays everything seems brighter and there is inspiration everywhere!  From art to things found in nature, the colours that the sky throws out and then the endless wonderful stretches of water….

I love finding things, even if i can’t keep them, there seems to be a beautiful bounty of treasure to be found on the beach, driftwood, shells, rock formations and even foot prints are awesome!

After long days, it was so nice to come back to camp and cook a special dinner!  This unfortunately was not with fish we caught but the next best thing!  From the local fish market in Eden!

Paella at the Beach!


red wine and red cheeks
red wine and red cheeks

We hung out at the wharf a lot, trying to catch fish and just hanging….looking at the art

Once home my dolphin painting takes pride of place in my studio!



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