If like me, you are a Curious Woman, you like to enquire, to question, to see deep into the meaning of life, to understand your path while enjoying the journey. You wish to create your own vision, to make a difference and live according to your own Heart’s Call.

With this in mind I offer a hands on – dare to be free – painting exploration where no previous experience is necessary.

This based on The Intentional Creativity Method –  a 13 step painting process of many layers where you get to explore you, your environment, your inspiration, your intention!

Using acrylic paint and a large canvas we start by naming what is important to ourselves – to explore our individual intention.  With guidance, including a woman’s circle ceremony and meditative journeywork, we get our creative juices flowing and enquire to become aware of our source of curiosity and creativity – our intuition comes to our attention and we are introduced or re-acquainted with our own inner muse. As it is she, your own inner voice,  who guides you to become who you really are, that will help guide you on your own life and visionary path.

If this sounds like an exploration that would suit you, you are welcome and feel free to watch a video, read some of my art words and art work!  To  find out what workshops are happening or make an enquire please send an email via the contact page!

Blessed Be

Sigrid Eleonora Ariana