Art of Be~ing

Be Still ~ Heart Beats ~ for You

There will never be another you ~  in every moment you are changing and so is everything that surrounds you, even that which appears to be solid and still is moving – at an infinitesimal pace – one that is so slow that we cannot see it with our naked eye… indeed the entire Cosmos, the Universe and all that it contains is in a constant state of movement and change.

So while I think that some things stay the same –  the longer I am alive the more I realise that this is not true – however much as I would wish it to be.  I have the illusion to see my world as permanent or fixed or in a state of stasis, but actually nothing is.

DSC_0498Prism Enquiry – 2018

There is mystery to all of creation, to life itself and if you are like me you may have asked the question;  you want to know, to see deep into the meaning of existence, to understand who you are, to know what your unique path is.  Yes, we all  wonder what we are doing here and why, just what is our calling and work is in the world.  We all want to know why we are here Now – in This time and seek to enjoy this whole awesome but sometimes bumpy ride!  and perhaps wish to make a difference in this journey called Life and like me, you too – with all of your being and heart’s longing wish to connect with and express your own unique voice –  and are seeking – to call into Be~ing,  that which is in alignment with you – who you really are, your unique self.  Realising your gift, living it, regardless of the constant state of movement and change … .

That is what I call  the Art of Be~ing.

The Art of living each moment as it arises and be present for that!  – no matter what it is you are feeling, experiencing or whether you are happy or sad. Whether things are up or down! Whether you feel energetic or tired….confident or unsure…

Somehow there in between, beyond the duality … there is much we can learn, much that we already know and possess.  What is needed are some tools to access and uncover that, which lies hidden just beyond thought – we can have so many questions and doubts and what is less well known is that inside of us are also many answers.  A sage once said “that there is a drop in the ocean – everyone knows but that there is an ocean in the drop – few know”

Sometimes we need a catalyst or a practise to bring out our own creative voice, the voice of solutions, and begin to listen to our intuition – our own intuitive voice.

The Art of Be~ing Workshops and steps that go along with it ~ are aimed at discovering more about your own self~knowledge.  The workshops include A Red Thread Circle of Connection, A Heart & Breath Meditation and the Intentionally Creative painting steps themselves help you realise your own vision, to begin to bring your inner visionary dreams into Be~ing, to begin to BE who you are meant to be, perhaps to make a positive difference and bring forward your unique gift, to widen your influence in the world and assist you to live according to your own true inner voice and Heart’s Call.

With this in mind I offer a hands on – dare to be free – painting exploration where no previous experience is necessary. The Art of Be~ing.

This is based on The Intentional Creativity Method –  a 13 step painting process of many layers where you get to explore you, your environment, your inspiration, your intention!

Using acrylic paint and a large canvas we start by naming what is important to ourselves – to explore our individual intention.   We get our creative mojo juices flowing! and begin with playing with paint!  to become aware of our source of curiosity and creativity – We become our own Muse!  As it is she, your own inner voice,  who guides you to become who you really are, that will help guide you on your own life and visionary path.

If this sounds like You and is an exploration that would suit you, you are welcome and feel free to watch a video, read some of my Reflections  and browse my Creations!

Blessed Be

Sigrid Eleonora Ariana

Creator & Founder of Art of Be~ing

a declaration

I am a Visionary Artist Be~ing.